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CR Products is a premium supplier of quality drive belts, pulleys and power transmission products.

CR Products understands that as our customer you require high quality belts, pulleys and drive belt solutions. We aim to deliver on time and at a competitive price. Our customers benefit from excellent customer service and support. We are also able to support drive belt design and troubleshooting and also enhance your marketing campaign for aftermarket parts. CR Products provides technical advice during product development to ensure new drive belt configurations perform optimally. Our smooth supply chain management from our ISO 9000 registered distribution facilities based in the UK will enable your distribution hub or assembly line to run efficiently.

We understand that delivering a belt contract appropriately is not just a simple case of matching off the shelf requirements but requires time and effort spent in learning from our customers about their requirements. A full range of belt products isoffered, including numerous types of V-belts, banded V-belts, CVT belts (Variable Speed), Synchronous belts and a mutitide of specialty belts for backside idlers, low-clearancesituations, high heat, shock resistance and other punishing circumstances.We are key partners, with Carlisle belts (TIMKEN), and offer a wide range of belts for the OEM and replacement markets.Our products include belts for all of the following applications ,Agriculture, Powersports (ATV and Snowmobile), Industrial ,Oil and Gas,Lawn and Garden, Automotive, Transport Refrigeration, Construction Machinery, and Domestic Appliances.

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