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Keeping Combine Harvesters Working All Season Long with Carlisle CVT and Rotor Belt Technology

We offer a comprehensive range of premium quality agricultural belts by Carlisle. Our Super AG Drive Belts are test-proven to provide higher performance, improved durability and greater levels of stability for agricultural applications and machinery. In addition, we complement our belt range with Drive Chains by TIMKEN and TIMKEN Bearings.

Test-Proven Performance Reducing Downtime for Farmers

Our agricultural belts have been rigorously tested over thousands of hours in agricultural operating conditions to deliver significantly higher power output and greater resilience to heat and stretch damage.

Biggest and Best Selection of Agricultural Belts in the World

CRP has over 22,000 agricultural belt references for original equipment with significantly quicker lead times than any other European competitor. We help you meet the growth in demand for higher-performing aftermarket belts with a full inventory and wider access to CVT and Banded Belt technology.

  • Highest-quality materials including EPDM rubber and Ultra-Strong Aramid fibre tensile cords.
  • Over a thousand hours of rigorous testing in harvest season every year for ongoing optimisation.
  • Engineered and manufactured in ISO 9001 facilities


  • Combine Harvesters
  • Front-End Equipment
  • Cane Harvesters
  • Cotton Harvesters
  • Self-Propelled Forage Harvesters
  • Hay and Forage Heads
  • Balers
  • Mowers
  • Header
  • Separator
  • Launder
  • Peeling
  • Underpan Driver
  • Driving Power System
  • Main Clutch
  • Hydraulic Pump
  • Reverse Box
  • Variable Speed Gearing


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Over 22,000 Agricultural Replacement Belt References


Carlisle Belts Agricultural V-Belt part of the CRP range of agricultural belts

Agricultural V-Belts

Our agricultural v-belts are produced with the most advanced materials in our US factories.

• Premium EPDM rubber and aramid fibre cord for maximum durability and minimum downtime.
• Smooth clutching covers for superior grip strength and reduction in belt slipping.

Image showing the ARAMAX Xtra Duty V-Belt by Carlisle Belts a V-Belt for outdoor power equipment including lawnmower belts, edges, and snow blower belts.


The Aramax Xtra Duty V-Belt is specifically designed for aggressive applications and outdoor power equipment with heavy shock loads and backside-idlers.

• Superior clutching fabric with increased thread count for resistance to rollover, smoother clutching, and improved belt performance.
• Extra-strong aramid tensile cords with heat and oil resistance for improved strength and reduced stretch.
• Perfect for outdoor power equipment, lawnmowers, edgers, snow blowers and more.

Image showing the Raw-Edge Bandaid V-Belts by Carlisle Belts

Agricultural Narrow-Wedge V-Belts

Premium wrapped wedge belts for agricultural equipment with advanced rubber materials and smooth clutching covers for strength and performance.

• Strong aramid cord and carbon construction for less stretch and more horsepower.

Image showing the Double-Angle V-Belts by Carlisle Belts ideally suited for Serpentine Drives

Agricultural Double-Angled V-Belts

Our premium double angle v-belt for agricultural applications.

• Smooth wrapped cover with high-strength aramid cords for strength, stability and durability.
• Double-cog construction for greater flexibility and resistance to the build-up of heat.

Image showing the Carlisle Belts Agricultural Banded Belt an Agricultural Belt and Banded Belt for Combines, Harvesters, and Tractors

Agricultural Banded Belts

CRP has worked with the world’s largest original equipment manufacturers to develop market-leading banded belts.

• Manufactured with Rotocure processes to stabilise belt length and eliminate variances in the curing process.
• Strong aramid tensile fibres for improved strength and durability on tough machinery.

Image showing the Agricultural Vee Ribbed Belt by Carlisle Belts a Ribbed Belt for tough Agricultural applications and machinery.

Agricultural V-Ribbed Belts

The Carlisle by TIMKEN heavy duty vee-ribbed belts are ideal for use in tough applications such as diesel engines, harsh agricultural applications and heavy-duty transport refrigeration units.

Our Super AG heavy-duty vee-ribbed belt is engineered specifically for superior durability and performance to avoid drive system failure and expensive downtime on tough agricultural applications and machinery.

• Diesel-grade construction and more polyester cords per inch than standard vee-ribbed belts.
• Designed for high torque transmission and power pulses with resistance to heat and harsh environments.

Agricultural Rotor CVT Variable Speed Belts

Our experience in leading CVT and Rotor belt technology brings you the world’s best variable speed belts for use on Combine applications.

  • EPDM rubber for better performance across temperature ranges and improved durability.
  • Double-cog construction for improved heat dissipation and resistance to heat build-up.
  • Rounded internal cogs for much better flexibility.

Agricultural Flat Belts

Carlisle high-performance flat rubber belts are specifically designed to withstand high shock loads on heavy duty agricultural machinery.

  • Aramid fibre cords for improved strength and durability on high shock load machinery.
  • Non-stretch and lubricant resistant EPDM rubber materials for longer service life.

Agricultural Conveyor Chains

Drive Chains by TIMKEN deliver a range of superior quality and world-leading chains manufactured to precise OEM specifications for combine harvesters, spreaders, tractors and more.

  • Precision Drive Roller Chains
  • Drives Roller Chain Products
  • Agricultural Conveyor Precision Roller Chain Attachments
  • T-Rod Products
  • T-Bar Products
  • Pintle Chains

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Over 22,000 Agricultural Replacement Belt References