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Over 20 Years of Experience in Industrial Belts Technology Brings You World-Leading Power Transmission Performance

We supply a comprehensive range of premium quality Carlisle by TIMKEN industrial belts which are fully complemented by a range of Drives by TIMKEN Chains and TIMKEN Bearings. Our industrial belts are our flagship product range with over 20 years of intense research and development, engineering excellence, and state of the art manufacturing culminating into market-leading industrial belts performance.

Less Downtime with Strong and Durable Industrial Belts

Our industrial belts are built with the highest-quality EPDM materials and technology developed with OE machine manufacturers to deliver smoother running, higher power capacities and longer-lasting performance than any other belt.

More Belts, Better Performance, and Quicker Lead Times

We have the largest cross-reference list for replacement industrial belts in the world and a unique relationship with leading USA manufacturers. We offer a complete drive systems solution with higher-performing industrial belts, quicker lead times, and a guaranteed service for belt matching and product warranty.

  • Made in the USA industrial belts produced to exacting RMA specifications.
  • Chekmate belt matching guarantee and Ironclad Product Warranty
  • Engineered and manufactured in ISO 9001 facilities.


  • HVAC
  • Aggregates and Cement
  • Wood, Pulp and Paper
  • Conveyors
  • Packaging Machinery
  • Roller Mill Machinery
  • Printing Machinery
  • Textile Machinery
  • Machine Tools
  • Food Processing Machinery
  • Pumps and Compressors
  • Material Handling
  • Hammer Mills
  • Dredging Pumps
  • Office Automation
  • Linear Movement
  • Plotters
  • Cereal Mill
  • Cash Dispensers
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    Image showing Super Blue Ribbon V-Belts by Carlisle Belts

    Super Blue Ribbon V-Belt

    The Super Blue Ribbon V-Belt is the finest wrapped belt in the industry with dependable performance on an extremely wide range of applications.

    • Stress-relieved heavy-duty fabric covering improves belt life and assures a smooth transfer of power.
    • Extremely wide range of applications and load capacities with 100 to 8000 RPM and 1 to 1,100 horsepower capability.
    • Perfect for mixers, pumps, conveyors, HVAC, and much, much more.
    Image showing Super II V-Belts by Carlisle Belts

    “RAW POWER” Super II V-Belt

    The Super II V-Belt is uniquely constructed to deliver superior performance, strength and durability on the most brutal drive systems.

    • High-modulus polyester cord in the belt mid-section maintains extreme loads without stretching delivering greater strength, balance and longer life.
    • Raw-edge belt sidewalls minimise belt slip, noise and drive vibration through improved pulley grip.
    • Specifically formulated rubber compounds dissipate heat while providing oil, heat, and ozone resistance.
    Image showing Gold-Ribbon Cog Banded Belts by Carlisle Belts

    Gold Ribbon Cog-Belt

    The Gold-Ribbon Cog-Belt is the industry’s best v-belt with significant reductions in downtime and energy savings.

    • Up to 30% more horsepower than conventional belts using the same drive space.
    • Raw edge sidewalls and precision moulded cogs deliver a 95% efficiency improvement against competing v-belts.
    • Heat, dirt, grease and chemical-resistant EPDM rubber for longer belt life and maintenance of 95% efficiency rating over time.
    Image showing the Double-Angle V-Belts by Carlisle Belts ideally suited for Serpentine Drives

    Double-Angle V-Belt

    The Double Angle V-Belt is ideally suited for serpentine drives with significant reductions in noise from both sides of the belt.

    • Double wrapped heavy-duty fabric provides excellent resistance to abrasive wear, heat, ozone, grease, oil, and dirt for longer belt life and improved performance.
    • Special synthetic rubber compounds at the core of the belt provide longer v-belt life and superior horsepower capacity.
    • Perfect for conveyors, mills, cooling or heating drums, and more.
    Image showing the Carlisle Belts Agricultural Banded Belt an Agricultural Belt and Banded Belt for Combines, Harvesters, and Tractors

    Super Vee-Band

    The Super Vee-Band Banded Belt provides reliable performance for heavy-duty industrial applications with pulsating or stalling characteristics.

    • Static-dissipating rubber compounds resist oil and heat damage which is critical for tough industrial applications.
    • Patented banding processes permanently bond belts together to eliminate belt turnover, absorb heavy shock loads and distribute load and wear in drives subjected to fluctuating load tensions.
    • Perfect for rock crushers, vibrating equipment, saws, pumps and more.
    Gold Ribbon Cog V-Belts by Carlisle Belts

    Gold-Ribbon Cog-Band

    The Gold-Ribbon Cog-Band Belt combines the longer life and superior performance of the Gold-Ribbon Cog-Belt with the stability and rollover prevention properties of a banded belt.

    • Two-layer highly engineered tie-band permanently bonds multiple belts together for even load distribution, vibration dampening, heavy shock load absorption and belt whip elimination.
    • Precision moulded cogs and raw-edge sidewalls deliver superior flexibility, reduced bending stress, and a tighter grip on pulleys for improved performance, efficiency and resistance to adverse conditions.
    • Perfect for blowers, fans, pumps and more.
    Image showing the Carlisle Belts Agricultural Banded Belt an Agricultural Belt and Banded Belt for Combines, Harvesters, and Tractors

    ARAMAX Wedge-Band Belt

    The Aramax Wedge-Band Banded Belt is designed for extraordinary belt strength on heavy-duty applications found in oil field equipment, rock and quarry applications, forestry industry applications and heavy construction machinery.

    • Extra-strong aramid cord for high horsepower capability and maximum protection against shock loads.
    • Double ply tie-band permanently bonds multiple belts for heavy shock load absorption, belt whip elimination, vibration dampening, and even load distribution.
    • Perfect for heavy-duty applications, oilfield mud pumps and more.
    Image showing the Carlisle Belts Agricultural Banded Belt an Agricultural Belt and Banded Belt for Combines, Harvesters, and Tractors

    Wedge-Band Belt

    The Wedge-Band Banded Belt delivers a significant reduction in belt whip and turnover and is an excellent choice for increased horsepower capacity and output and where space and weight are limitations.

    • Oversized polyester cord and chemical treatment provide added belt strength and stability during peak shock loads and maximum resistance to belt stretch.
    • Patented banding process assures smoother, quieter operation with oil and heat resistance, static dissipation and drive system stability.
    • Perfect for mud pumps, rock crushers, stump grinders and more.
    Image showing the Carlisle Belts Agricultural Banded Belt an Agricultural Belt and Banded Belt for Combines, Harvesters, and Tractors

    Wedge-Band Chipper-Drive Belt

    The Wedge-Band Chipper Drive Belt is specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of tough forestry applications.

    • Oversized polyester cord and chemical treatment provide stability during peak shock loads and maximum resistance to belt stretch while minimising snub breaks.
    • Stiff-flex and graphite-loaded rubber compounds provide maximum cord support and improved belt rigidity with chloroprene rubber proving resistant against oil, grease, sap and other harmful elements.
    • Six plies of laminated fabric and rubber reduce belt aggression and provide controlled slippage under peak loads.
    Gold Ribbon Cog V-Belts by Carlisle Belts

    Power-Wedge Cog-Band Belt

    The Power-Wedge Cog-Band Belt minimises belt whip and turnover on high horsepower or shock load drives with outstanding resistance to oil, heat and harsh environments.

    • Precision moulded cogs, raw-edge sidewalls and unique laminated construction maximise the transfer of power without belt whip, turnover or slippage.
    • Oversized polyester cord with chemical treatment provides maximum resistance to belt stretch and enhances belt strength and stability.
    • Perfect for high speed and horsepower drives such as fans, pumps, compressors and more.
    Image showing Synchro-Cog HT Timing Belts by Carlisle Belts
    Synchronous Belt

    Synchro-Cog HT Belt

    The Synchro-Cog HT Belt is an economical synchronous drive belt built for trouble-free power transmission.

    • Treated fibreglass cord for superior length stability, flexibility, and high tensile strength across heavy shock loads.
    • Specifically formulated rubber backing, and nylon fabric teeth covering for more efficient and stronger belt performance.
    • Perfect for use in blowers, mixers, machine tools, sewing machines, food processing, paper processing and more.
    Image showing Dual-Sided Synchronous Belts by Carlisle Belts a Synchronous Belt for use in printing presses, mixers, agitators, machine tools, sewing machines and more
    Synchronous Belt

    Dual Synchronous Belt

    The Dual Synchronous Belt is designed to offer proven performance and synchronisation from both sides of the belt.

    • Moulded-teeth construction delivers greater shear resistance and load capacity with maximum resistance to tooth jump.
    • Equal load capacity on either side of the belt for greater flexibility and unique belt performance.
    • Perfect for use in printing presses, mixers, agitators, machine tools, robotics, sewing machines, vending machines and more.
    Image showing the Synchro-Cog HT Belts, Synchronous Belts by Carlisle Belts
    Synchronous Belt

    Synchro-Cog Timing Belt

    The Synchro-Cog Timing Belt is built with trapezoidal tooth profiles for applications where synchronisation between the driving and driven units is required.

    • Moulded shear resistant trapezoidal teeth and tensile cord for smooth and positive meshing with the sprocket.
    • Oil, heat and abrasion resistant with no lubrication required for clean, maintenance free performance.
    • Perfect for inaccessible drive systems and machine tools, sewing machines, packaging equipment, vending machines, food processing equipment and more.
    Image showing the Panther Synchronous Belts by Carlisle Belts
    Synchronous Belt

    Air Cool Heat Exchange Belt

    The Air Cool Heat Exchange Belt is manufactured with Z-twist construction for vertical shaft drives and upward lateral movement.

    • RPP profile for greater transfer of power and tooth shear and jump resistance.
    • Ultra-Cord tensile member for improved belt life and higher strength.
    • Perfect for HVAC and air-cooled heat exchangers.
    Image showing the Cotton Drive V-Belt by Carlisle Belts designed for use on cotton gin machines
    Synchronous Belt

    Cotton Drive Belt

    The Cotton Drive Belt is special 1″ pitch timing belt uniquely designed for use on cotton gin machines.

    • Ultra-Cord tensile fibres and specifically formulated rubber compounds for unrivalled strength, stability and shear resistance.
    • Custom designed for exact OEM replacement on cotton gin drives with superior resistance to heat, ozone, grease, oil and friction.


    The Panther is designed to offer higher torque capacity than conventional synchronous belts.

    • Strong Ultra-Cord non-aramid fibre tensile deliver strength and dimensional stability
    • High-performance advanced polymer teeth for 98-99% operating efficiency and abrasion-resistance.
    • Perfect for use in conveyors, blowers, packaging equipment, machine tools, industrial machinery and more.

    Panther XT

    The Panther XT is a high-torque synchronous drive belt and a powerful alternative to chain or polyurethane belts.

    • Low friction tooth fabric for significant noise reduction and more efficient operational efficiency.
    • Extra-strong carbon cord construction for reduced downtime and higher drive belt durability
    • Perfect for use in printing machinery, textile equipment, packaging machinery, compressors, roller chain drives, and more.

    V-Belt Pulleys

    The MARTIN V-belt pulleys and sheaves meet the toughest industry demands while continuing the MARTIN tradition of unparalleled manufacturing standards. Our direct access to the Martin factories in the US gets product from the East Coast to our UK warehouse with quicker lead times than other European competitors.

    • Available in 1-12 groove specifications
    • V Pulleys Taper Bushed versions all available

    QD Sheaves

    Martin QD Sheaves offer reliable performance to keep your drive belts running smoothly with a range of bushing types or groove styles to meet any light or heavy-duty application.

    Our direct supply chain to Martin’s US factories gives us access to the largest inventory of stock sheaves, a unique made-to-order service and quicker lead times than other European competitors.

    • QD Sheaves in 3V, and 5V Sections
    • Hi-Cap® Wedge – Stocked for 3V, 5V & 8V Belts
    • Available in 1 to 12 groove configurations
    • Statically balanced (Dynamic balancing available)
    • Detachable Bushing for easy installation & maintenance

    FHP Sheaves and Pulleys

    We offer a range of Martin FHP Pulleys and Sheaves available with one or two grooves for light duty applications such as lawn and garden applications.

    “AK” sheaves are made to accommodate A section and 4L section belts.

    “BK” sheaves are made for both A section (4L) or B section (5L) belts.

    The two lines of sheaves have identical pitch diameters when using A or 4L belts.

    • Fractional Horsepower Sheaves for light duty applications
    • Available Bored-to-Size and MST® Bushed
    • Precision machined grooves available in single & double groove designs
    • Statically balanced (Dynamic balancing available)

    Variable Pitch Sheaves and Pulleys

    Our range of Martin variable speed sheaves enables designers and engineers to increase or decrease the speed of the driven machine. In doing so, they allow for variances in the amp draw of the motor to maximise efficiency and increase or decrease static pressure and air flow.

    • Stationary adjustable speed sheaves
    • Precision machined grooves available in single & double groove designs
    • Full range of popular bore sizes including keyway and setscrew
    • Statically-balanced with positive locking system (dynamic balancing available)

    Spun Pulleys

    CRP offers a range of spun steel pulleys including split, spun, stamped & welded/riveted, machined, and cast pulleys which are integrally fixed to OEM machinery.

    Our systems approach with our OEM partners allows us to analyse the initial drive and take control of the entire belt drive system for smoother running and quality throughout.

    • Our range of Diameters vary from 2½” to 8½”
    • Bored, keyed or splined to your specification
    • Base steel spun pulleys coated and plated to OEM specifications
    • Fully Tested Drive System for reassurance

    QD Bushings

    Our range of Martin steel QD® bushings feature torque capacity from 1,500 to 20,000 pounds and offer a range of bore sizes from ½” to 3″.

    Visit our catalogue for hundreds of easy-to-install QD® bushings in all of the most common sizes and a direct supply chain which gets your bushings delivered at the right time for the right price, including:

    • H
    • SH
    • SD
    • SF
    • JA
    • SDS
    • SK
    • E