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Ultimax Snowmobile Belts

Ultimax MAX Belts

Built to Match OE Cord Length & Width

Choose MAX! for Added Strength and Longer Life on Snowmobiles Under 500CC

Over decades of refinement and belt innovation result in Ultimax MAX Belts the high-performance CVT belt range designed for vintage and lower-power snowmobiles.

Ultimax MAX now features an improved cog design and added belt strength for greater flexibility and longer belt life on machines under 500cc.

Still, featuring the latest in cutting-edge belt technology. MAX includes specially formulated cog construction for handling the toughest demands of deep snow, towing, and shock loads. Along with, fibre-loaded rubber compounds and extra-strong aramid cord for the strongest and stablest performance and extreme grip strength on clutches.

Ultimax MAX is the longest-lasting and best-performing belt of the industry’s best snowmobile belts.

Ultimax MAX Belts Features

Image showing the Ultimax MAX Belt a CVT Belt and Snowmobile Belt for Snowmobiles
  • Over a million miles of recorded field testing deliver proven-performance from MAX snowmobile belts
  • Newly designed with larger bottom cogs for optimal handling of deep snow, towing and shock loads
  • Refined over decades to achieve maximum flexibility, cord-retention and dimensional stability
  • Fibre-loaded rubber compounds designed for optimal grip on clutches and operational consistency
  • Featuring extra-strong aramid cord for greater stability, zero stretch and maximum tensile strengthĀ 
  • Engineered with innovativeĀ  methods to reduce variability and eliminate classic failure methods

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