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Unique Speciality Belt Range for Unique Applications

Our speciality belts have been designed to deliver unique functions for specific applications such as conveyor belt systems and machinery within the textile industry. They maintain strong performance with oil, chemical and temperature resistant materials and stress-relieved fabric for improved belt life.

Thoro-Twist V-Belt

Thoro-Twist V-Belt has been designed with the same horsepower ratings as classical v-belts with easy installation for emergency replacements and drives that have no take-up adjustment capability.

  • High-performance polyutherane and polyester fabric reinforcement outperform other link v-belts.
  • Thoro-Twist is made to the required length in seconds and rolled onto the drive like a bicycle chain.
  • Perfect for use as an emergency replacement belt.

Dry Can Belt

Dry Can belt feature deep-groove notches for demanding textile industry double angle “CC” drives.

  • Multiple cord plies for greater strength and durability on demanding applications.
  • Notched design for added flexibility and drives with a long centre, and serpentine applications.

Round Belt

Round Belts are specifically designed for high-performance power transmission on conveyors, quarter-turn, twister, and serpentine drives.

  • High-modulus cords with minimum stretch for better belt stabilised and fewer take-up adjustments.
  • Stress-relieved heavy-duty fabric cover which flexes better for improved belt life.
  • Perfect for conveyor systems and more.
Image showing the Double-Angle V-Belts by Carlisle Belts ideally suited for Serpentine Drives

Chicken Feathering Belts

We offer a unique belt for us on feathering machines in the poultry industry. Our feathering belts are a double sided raw edge construction that are used on serpentine drives.

  • Multi-ply raw-edge construction for greater traction and enhanced grip strength.
  • Transverse fibre rubber core provides increased durability and power transmission.
  • Superior belt length tolerances ensure our sets are perfectly matched.
Image showing the Bowling Ball Lift V-Belt by Carlisle Belts a V-Belt designed for use on Bowling Ball Lifts

Bowling Machine Ball Lift Belts

We offer a unique belt for use on bowling ball machinery known as the ball lift belt. Our Ball Lift belts are a one piece reinforced v-belt manufactured and cured with a robust tie band attached.

  • Multi-ply Ply Flat Tie band to avoid stretch.
  • Double wrapped fabric to provide durability and resistance to abrasion.
  • Resistance to degradable oils and minerals.

Double-Angle Cogged V-Belts

Our premium raw-edge double-angle cogged belt is ideal for use on high power transmission serpentine drives. The unique raw edge sidewalls provide an increased power transmission on both sides of the belt

  • Special raw-edge cogged double sided construction
  • Offers increased flexibility for use on very small pulleys

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