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Emergency Replacement Belt

Thoro-Twist Belts

Available in 3L, A, B and C Sections

Thoro-Twist Belts: Keeping Your Drives in Motion in Emergencies

Thoro-Twist Belts are built for trouble-free installation on drives that have no take-up adjustment capability or for use as an emergency replacement built.

When belts break, Thoro-Twist V-Belts are the solution. An incredibly strong belt with built-in flexibility and matched horsepower ratings to classical V-Belts, The Thoro-Twist V-Belt outperforms other link belts even in harsh and abrasive environments.

A unique construction enables the Thoro-Twist V-Belt to be made to the required length in seconds and installed onto the drive with ease and simplicity like instaling a bicycle chain. This emergency replacement belt has the same cross-sections as regular belts and can be installed on existing sheaves with no changes in setup.

Thoro-Twist V-Belt Cross Section - 3L A B C Sections

Thoro-Twist Belts Features

Thoro-Twist V-Belt Product Features

1. High-performance polyurethane elastomer, reinforced with multiple plies of polyester fabric.

2. Oil, chemical, and temperature resistant.


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