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Synchronous Belts

Panther Belts

Available in 8M, 14M, and 20M Sections

Boost Your Efficiency and Reduce Your Downtime with Panther Belts

Offering higher torque capacity than conventional synchronous belts with stronger, more resilient, and efficient Panther Power. Panther Belts are designed to improve performance and drive life with minimum downtime and maintenance.

Engineered with Ultra-Cord Tensile Members and Nylon Tooth Facing to deliver significantly improved belt life, dimensional stability and graphite-loading self-lubricating teeth. With further support from RPP Profiles, Precision-Grounded Backing and Advanced Polymer Compounds. Panther Synchronous Belts offer jump and shear resistance performance with smoother operation on backside idlers and up to 98-99% operating efficiency for reduced energy consumption.

Panther Synchronous Belts Available in 8M, 14M and 20M Sections from CRP

Panther Belts Features

  • Ultra-Cord Tensile Members deliver greater strength, reduced tension decay and improved belt life
  • Graphite-Loaded Nylon Tooth Facing with wear resistant and self-lubrication for less maintenance
  • RPP Belt Profiles provide resistance to jump and shear on tough drives with greater power transfer
  • Advanced Polychloroprene Compounds significantly increase performance, belt life, and teeth strength
  • Performing at 98-99% operating efficiency for reduced energy consumption throughout the life of the belt

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