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Panther XT - High-Performance Synchronous Belts by Carlisle Belts
Synchronous Belts

Panther XT Belts

Available in 8M & 14M Sections

Panther XT: Breaking the Chains for Stronger and Smoother Performance

Channeling the power of the Panther. Panther XT Belts are uniquely engineered to deliver unparalleled strength, efficiency, and smoothness for matched pulleys and sprockets.

Runs Like a Panther

Panther XT Belts are engineered to achieve higher power ratings and improved operational efficiency. By minimising the required drive widths, the Panther XT enables more compact drive designs and savings on reduced metal costs.

Strong Like a Panther

Built with carbon cord construction featuring high tensile strength and minimal stretch the Panther XT delivers enhanced durability. Support by specifically engineered low-friction and abrasion-resistant fabric, oil and heat resistance up to 120C/248F, and high-elasticity HSN rubber. The Panther XT delivers the power of the Panther with improved performance and durability in the toughest environments.  

Quiet Like a Panther

Rubber construction and special fabric design reduce high-frequency noise substantially when compared to polyurethane belt construction.

Panther XT Belts Available in 8M and 14M Sections

Panther XT Belts Features

  • High-Modulus Carbon Fibre Cord with high tensile strength for minimal stretch and increased durability
  • Engineered Low-Friction Tooth Fabric for resistance against abrasion and extended belt life
  • HSN Rubber Compounds reduce noise, resist heat/oil and improve performance in harsh conditions

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