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Image showing Bowling Ball Lift V-Belts by Carlisle Belts a V-Belt designed for use on Bowling Ball Lifts
Specialty V-Belt

Bowling Ball Lift V-Belts

A Striking Performance from the Industry’s Leading Bowling Ball Lift Belts

Unique in design and application, Bowling Ball Lift V-Belts are engineered for a robust, resilient, and dependable performance on bowling ball lifts.

Featuring extra-strong belt bonding, reinforced double-wrapped fabric and double-ply tie-bands. Our Bowling Ball Lift Belts are durable and dependable with protection from oils, minerals, abrasion and stretch. A consistent performance from the engineering expertise of Carlisle Belts by Timken.

Bowling Ball Lift V-Belts Features

  • Multi-Ply Tie-Band protects against stretch, dampens vibration and heavy shock loads for longer belt life 
  • Double Wrapped Belt Fabric enhances belt durability and protects against oils, minerals, and abrasion

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