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Drive System Configuration Tools to Maximise Efficiency and Belt Lift

If your drive system is misaligned, poorly configured or incorrectly tensioned you will be losing time and money on replacement belts and losses in power transmission. Our range of tools helps you to set your drive system up hassle-free, with quick turnaround and with maximum performance.


Tension Finder


The Tension-Finder is a simple, easy, and accurate alternative for tensioning individual drive belts or bands.

• No measurements, no maths, no computer and no rigs needed.

Spring-Loaded Tensionmeter

Spring-Loaded Tensionmeter

Reduce wear and excessive stress on belts and improve belt life with proper tensioning. The spring-loaded tensionmeter can be used on v-belts, banded belts, and synchronous belts for measurement of belt deflection.

• Available as Single-Stem Tensionmeter, Double-Stem Tensionmeter, and Triple-Stem Tensionmeter

Frequency Finder

Frequency Finder

Calculate the static tension in synchronous, v-belts, and v-ribbed belts with the Frequency-Finder. A simple instrument with an LCD screen which precisely measures the frequency of vibration in the belt span.

• Simple, fast, repeatable and reliable
• Most precise frequency finder method across any belt type

Big Shot Tensioning Device

BIG-SHOT Tensioning Device

The Big Shot is a quick, easy and accurate device for tensioning new v-belts or bands. It’s used for drives with span lengths of 6″-12″, including some HVAC applications.

• Half the size of the Tension-finder for shorter drive span lengths
• Used for tensioning wedge v-belts or bands

Laser Align

Laser-Align is used for fast and accurate alignment of belt drive pulleys. The Laser-Align uses magnetic targets and mounts to quickly identify drive belt misalignment and required correction for increased energy savings and belt life.

• Requires only one person to fully align the drive system pulley

Belt Finder

Easily find the correct replacement belt with the Belt-Finder measuring device. The Belt-Finder measures the top width and length of classical (A and B section belts), wedge (3V and 5V section belts), and all FHP belts.

• Measures belts up to 100 inches

Wallboard Display

A popular inventory and display system for v-belts.

• Available in 6″, 8″, and 12″ hooks
• Each box includes 10 boards and 8 hooks
• Extra hooks are available in quantities of 250

Sheave Gauges

Sheave Gauges accurately check belt grooves for wear. A belt should never be installed without a thorough inspection of the sheaves as sheave condition and alignment are vital to v-belt life.